Folding Hatch Covers

Anchor windlass

Modern Bulk carriers tend to have larger hatch opening compared to size of the vessel deck area, resulting less stowage space available for hatch covers energies us to deliver folding hatch covers.

An efficient use of cargo space is extremely important to bulk carriers. Folding hatch covers are designed to simplify cargo handing operations which improves vessel efficiency.

PMT design and manufacture folding hatch cover consist of two (or more) panels which are connected by hinges and wheel assembly assists smoother operation. Folding hydraulic operated hatch covers installation can be arranged to meet various stowage limitations, both horizonal and vertical. Folding hatch covers are operated by outer hydraulic cylinder.

Folding hatch covers are secured by peripheral cleating (manual operated quick acting cleats or hydraulic operated hook cleats), Transversal cleating (automatic cleating).

Wire operated folding hatch covers also designed to operate using ship winches or crane.

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